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Investor Relations, Communications, Strategy

Investor Relations (IR):
comprehensive, specific and on-site

We offer the entire range of Investor Relations services: IR conception and strategy, preparation for investor conferences and road-shows, perception analysis, IR audits, support for regular and ad-hoc communication, as well as consulting and support in special situations. We also support you in the preparation of annual and interim financial reports, as well as prior to and in the course of general meetings. We don’t sit on the sidelines and advise from a distance remotely. We become fully involved with our clients’ challenges and will work with you for as long as it takes to solve the issues your company faces. Our many years of in-house expertise enable us to smoothly integrate into the internal processes of our customers and to optimize these processes at the same time.

at top management level, in the media world and with reliable instinct

We have experience in collaborating with CEOs, Management Boards and Boards of Directors/Supervisory Boards and have an understanding of how the media function. Due to our knowledge of the media world as well as the mastery of technical language in the fields of finance, strategy and operations we can act as translators between corporations, their representatives and the media. We tear down language barriers and build bridges of understanding. Our goal is not to bring board members in the media at any price. We are committed to maximizing and preserving the institutional and personal reputation. Since non-communication can be more valuable than countless interviews and background briefings. But also non-communication is a type of communication; used correctly it is strategically valuable and effective.

related to stakeholders, reflected and edged

Strategy processes often take place in a test tube. The litmus test starts at the moment the strategy has to be explained to stakeholders of a company for the first time. In case communication of the strategy to executives, employees, media, investors and other stakeholders fails, even the best strategy can break down before it has a chance to be implemented. We are trained to take the critical perspective of stakeholders. Therefore we are able to point to strengths, weaknesses and inconsistencies early. We are a reflection stage before the strategy goes live. We bring the strategy in line with expectations, thus laying the foundation for their successful implementation.